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Capt Arthur de Bells Adam (MC)
1885 - 1916

CPL David Wallace Crawford
1887 - 1916

Lce-Corpl John Joseph Nickle
1894 - 1916

Pte 17911 Morton Neill
1897 - 1916

Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft
1883 - 1918
Lieut Edward Stanley Ashcroft

The Liverpool Pals Memorial Pages

Liverpool Pals

A website that is dedicated to the memory of the Pals from Liverpool, who served in the Kings (Liverpool Regiment) during the Great War.

The Pals consisted of:

  • The 17th (service) Battalion 1st City, formed at St Georges Hall, 29 August 1914.
  • 18th (Service) Battalion – 2nd City, formed at Liverpool, 2 September 1914.
  • 19th (Service) Battalion – 3rd City, formed at Liverpool, 7 September 1914.
  • 20th (Service) Battalion – 4th City, formed at Liverpool, in late October 1914
  • 21st (Reserve) Battalion – formed at Knowsley Park, August 1915 from depot companies of 17th and 18th Battalions.
  • 22nd (Reserve) Battalion – formed at Knowsley Park, August 1915 from depot companies of 19th and 20th Battalions.

Lord Derby was behind the creation of the Pals Regiments, allowing men to serve alongside their friends, neighbours and work colleagues.

They arrived at the Western Front in November 1915.
On 20 December 1915, L/Cpl 24620 Reginald Rezin became the first Pal killed in action.

Liverpool Pals Boxing

The following pages were inspired by the men and boys who made up the 17th,18th,19th and 20th battalions as well as the 21st and 22nd reserve battalions of the Kings Liverpool Regiment during the First World War, more commonly referred to as the Liverpool Pals. Additionally, we are also including those men who joined the Liverpool Pals but who were subsequently lost in other battalions of the KLR or indeed other regiments.

Following the placement of a permanent memorial at Lime Street Station in August 2014, The Liverpool Pals Memorial Fund felt that a living tribute to the legacy of the Liverpool Pals should be made available to ensure that both the present and future generations can fully appreciate the sacrifice made by the first Pals battalions formed and the last to be stood down.

As can be appreciated these pages are not complete and it is hoped that they will be added to in the coming months and years in order to paint as full a picture as possible of the lives of these remarkable men.

They are here for the purpose of, for example, allowing people to utilise them for family history or for schools to allow in depth study of the Pals to assist with any projects or battlefield tours etc. It is hoped that families of the Pals will add to these stories where they can by donating to us photographs and stories of their relatives who served in the Liverpool Pals.

Many thanks are extended to people who have already contributed and allowed use of their own research in order to expand the scope of the stories available.

Our debt of gratitude to the Liverpool Pals is summed up in the following quote from George Eliot:

"Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them"


Killed On This Day.

(103 Years this day)
Sunday 23rd July 1916.
Pte 32076 John Durkin

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
Pte 331008 William Bowyer

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
L/Cpl 53130 John Arthur Boycott

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
Pte 332672 Francis Harrington

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
Pte 31560 Francis Ridley Lewis

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
L/Cpl 53134 Albert Morris

(102 Years this day)
Monday 23rd July 1917.
Pte 57824 Thomas Bowerbank Pyburn